Welcome to Divest Carleton!

If you would like to sign the Divest Carleton petition, you can do so online here!

We are a committed group of alumni, faculty and students calling on Carleton College to divest its endowment from the 200 largest fossil fuel companies. We join others at more than 300 colleges and universities around the country in asking our administrations to take the next step toward real action on climate change.

We presently (as of December 1, 2022) have 3,753 names on the petition. This includes 580 current students and 3,044 alumni from 71 classes. Please join us!

In order to combat climate change, we need significant national policies aimed at cutting emissions. Currently, the fossil fuel industry has enormous influence on U.S. politics through political campaign contributions and the funding of lobbyists. The divestment campaign aims to lessen the political influence of fossil fuel companies by targeting the industry’s reputation to make it a less enticing source of campaign funds. Divestment aims to change the way the public, governments, and investors view fossil fuel companies in order to create a political climate where large-scale action on climate change is feasible.

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