Divest Carleton alumni petition statistics, December 2019

Happy December, Divest Carleton community!

In 2019, we have added 264 new names to the alumni divestment petition, for a current total of 1610! These include several current students as well as Carleton family and friends, in addition to 245 alumni. 1509 living alumni, representing 68 class years, have now signed the petition.

We thought it would be interesting to do an analysis of which classes currently have the most signatures on the petition and which added the most names over the last year. We hope this encourages you to reach out to your classmates and friends to join our movement! The stronger we get, the louder our voice, and the more of an impact we can make in pushing Carleton to divest its endowment from fossil fuels.

The class of 2009 leads the way overall with both the highest number of signatures and the highest percentage of its class signing the petition. 2013 follows not far behind, along with other millennial classes and some 90s and 60s representatives:

most overall

highest overall

In 2019, 28 classes added at least one name to the divestment petition, including the first signatures from 1954 and 1955!

new 2019

2014 edged out 2019 for the most new signatures added, at 45. Both of those classes, plus 1980, 1979, 1969, 1972, and 1974 all at least doubled their signatures over the calendar year.

most added 2019

most improved 2019

Thank you to everyone who signed and who helped to spread the word about Divest Carleton! Our plan in 2020 is to continue to make our voices heard, and to look for new ways of engaging with the college administration and the Board of Trustees. We are encouraged by the recent divestments of schools like Middlebury College, Smith College, and the entire University of California system. The divestment movement is alive and well, and with your help, we can continue to build momentum.

If you would like to know the number and percentage of signatures from your own class, or if you’d like to get involved with Divest Carleton, please send a message to divestcarleton@gmail.com. And as always, if you know other Carls who would like to sign the petition, you can direct them to our online form on this very website!

Please sign our petition! bit.ly/DivestCarleton