It Is Time to Be on the Right Side of Climate Change History

Published in The Carletonian on March 1, 2022

By Patrick Dunlevy, Rebecca Hahn, Mindy Bell, Joshua Rabinowitz, Ben Stiegler, Pam Costain, Gina Atwood, Eleanor Haase and Karl Snyder

The following is a letter from Divest Carleton Alumni, a group of alumni calling for Carleton to divest their endowment from the 200 largest fossil fuel companies:

The following colleges and universities have made formal commitments to reduce their investments in fossil fuel companies. The schools are grouped below by the time period in which they announced their decisions regarding fossil fuel holdings.


Amherst College

Boston University

Brandeis University

California State University System

Columbia University

Creighton University

Dartmouth College

Harvard University

Loyola University Chicago

Macalester College

Mount Holyoke College

Reed College

Rutgers University

St. Olaf College

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

University of Oregon Foundation

University of Southern California

University of St. Thomas

Vassar College

Wellesley College


American University

Antioch University

Brown University

Cornell University

George Washington University

Georgetown University

University of Illinois

Wesleyan College


Middlebury College

Smith College

University of California System

University of Massachusetts Foundation

University of Puget Sound

Before 2019

Brevard College

California Institute of the Arts

College of the Atlantic

ESF College Foundation, Inc.

Goddard College

Hampshire College

Lewis & Clark College

Naropa University

Northland College

Oregon State University

Pitzer College

Pratt Institute

Prescott College

Rhode Island School of Design

Salem State University

Seattle University

Sterling College

SUNY New Paltz Foundation

Syracuse University

The New School

Unity College

University of Dayton

University of Hawaii

University of Maryland Foundation

Warren Wilson College

Western Oregon University

Whitman College

Yale University

In addition to these academic institutions, other institutions⁠—such as the Ford Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation⁠—have made formal commitments to reduce their investments in fossil fuel companies. Thus far, 1,500 institutions worldwide with managed assets of nearly $40 trillion have committed to reducing their fossil fuel investments. 

Each of these institutions has recognized the threat posed by the continued extraction and burning of fossil fuels and decided that a commitment to reducing its investments in fossil fuel companies was an essential part of an appropriate response to this threat. Carleton has recognized this threat but has refused to make the commitment.

Now is the time for Carleton to make a commitment and put itself on the right side of climate change history.

Patrick Dunlevy ’72

Rebecca Hahn ’09

Joshua Rabinowitz ’66

Ben Stiegler ’77

Mindy Bell ’80

Pam Costain ’72

Gina Atwood ’91

Eleanor Haase ’79

Karl Snyder ’12

On Behalf of Divest Carleton Alumni

Published in Viewpoint

Carls Join Climate Strike

Carleton students and alumni from Northfield and beyond were active in the September 20th Global Climate Strikes.

Alumni Eleanor Haase, ’79, rallied at Northfield’s event which was encapsulated by this KYMN radio story. The collage of photos below are also from the story.

Images from KYMN Story, Climate Strike in Northfield, Minnesota

Alumni Jorde Ranum, ’15, marched in the Denver, Colorado Climate Strike!

Jorde Ranum, 2015, marching in the Denver, Colorado Climate Strike

Maddie Halloran, ’14, did her part in the Arcata, California Climate Strike!

Images by Maddie Halloran, 2014, from the Arcata, California Climate Strike

Alumni Dwight Wagenius, ’64, checked in from the St. Paul, Minnesota strike with other members of the Mayflower UCC!

Mike Mullen at the St. Paul march with other members of his congregation from Mayflower UCC

Alumni Mike Mullen, ’90, sent a photo of him marching with his sign at the Boston Event at City Hall Plaza. He reports: “With all the colleges and universities in the area, there was a good amount of focus on divestiture.” Thank you for that hopeful comment!

Mike Mullen in Boston, Massachusetts speaking for the trees with The Lorax

Alumni Mindy Bell, ’80, was one of the thousand plus participants in the Flagstaff Climate Strike. The energy was phenomenal and you can read the KNAU article and see some of the images from Ryan Heinsius below.

Images by Ryan Heinsius, Climate Strike in Flagstaff, Arizona

If you attended a strike please share your story and images to add to this blog! Send them to And if you want to experience more global hope, relish the amazing photos from worldwide marches in this CNN article.